小丁原创-Two devils and a lone man on Newfoundland Star (4)

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The sky was a purplish black and heavy rain poured when Joey arrived at Apricorn Elementary School. He was not the first to arrive. Already the school was flooded with umbrellas and air-shields, and more were coming on their way. Obviously word of the uprising had spread throughout the city by then.

  Joey formed some space around himself as he hurried towards the teaching building, for people avoided him as if he were a lunatic, soaked from head to toe.

  Pupils were fleeing from their classrooms now, shouting and crying for their parents, who eagerly pushed their way out to grasp their kids and get away.

  How the hell am I going to find the little guy? Thought Joey as he eyed here and there, shouting"Korez!  Korez!", but his voice was overwhelmed by the formidable noise everyone was making.

  Loud as the noise could be, all silenced when someone shouted at the top of his lungs: "HEAR THE BELLTOWER! THE DREAMERS HAVE COME!"

 True. As sudden silence fell, everyone heard amid the splatters of the rain and the occasional thunders the belltower of Sun City striking.


  It had not been striked for a hundred years. Not even in riots or coups or uprisings or assassinations, for the grand bell only striked when foreign powers came to knock the doors of Sun City. Up in the Western skies Joey could see ten to twenty black shadows moving fast, triggering the anti-aircraft guns to do their duty. But between lighting and shells the pilots of the Court steered their birds like nothing human. No casualties were suffered and hundreds and thousands of flying men were discharged upon arrival.

  Mituso, thought Joey, gods damn him. Nowhere else on Newfoundland Star could you find so reckless a commander as to dispatch his paratroops amid a thunderstorm.

  There wasn't anyone who didn't know what to do when the paratroops descended on the city like ravens. In Apricorn Elementary School parents grabbed their children close to them and ran for heaven's sake. Joey, on the other hand, searched hard until he finally spotted the distinctive fuzzy golden hair of Morphy Korez on the playground.


  "Korez!" Joey shouted. The boy, still holding an air-shield and clinging to his backpack, ran towards him. "Michell Korez here, sir!"

  Without a word Joey hauled the second-grader over his shoulder like a sack of grains and darted for the school gate. The boy was kicking and bawling: "Let me down! I'm gonna bite you!"

  Joey was getting impatient about this. When they reached his bike Joey plumped the boy on the back seat and looked into his eyes, beads of water dripping from his mop of hair. "Now shut up, Michell. Your father's dead."

  Michell Korez stared at him blankly.

  "Oh whatever! Your dad sent me, and even if I were a kidnapper it's just your luck! Just keep ya mouth shut and pray that we'll live out of all this!" Having lost his temper, Joey mounted his bike piquedly and started the engines. Then he dismounted and dragged an unsteady Michell Korez back on his seat.

  They drove off into the rain with Michell still looking back at the sidewalk where he dropped his schoolbag.


  Joey knew that the belltower was taken when the bells died away and the drums began to beat——it was the battlecry of Mituso's Eastern Korps.


  The traffic was extremely heavy on the road to the East Gate, with motors crawling and people cursing at the flying cars zooming above them——not everyone could afford one of those. Joey and Michell remained wordless, silently listening to the trickle of the rainfall and the drums from afar. 


  Four miles from the East Gate disturbance stirred up ahead in the column. A sound grew louder and louder as vehicles began to retreat. Eventually Joey made out a City Gaurd shouting:"MY KINS! The East Gate has been taken! Reverse and find other routes!"

  The towncrier moved slowly through the traffic on his jeep, now possessing a loudspeaker someone passed over, creating panic along the way. But nothing came more frightening when a bullet shaved the towncrier clean of his head.



  Everyone lost their guts. In crashes and clashes every man was for himself, attempting to make their way out of the jam, only to make matters messier than ever. Already loudspeakers were blaring from nearby buildings: "Cease your panic, citizens, this area is now under the control of the COURT, no harm will come to civilians and soldiers surrendered."


  All things came too suddenly for Joey Connington, with the lane stuck thoroughly, he made the decision to take to the sidewalk. Missing lamposts narrowly and cutting past shrubberies, Joey rode his sonic bike recklessly. He had drawn all the attention by the time he reached the front of the convoy.

  "STOP! YOU! The man on the bike! None shall pass!"

  Joey ignored the loudspeaker behind him, making a most dauntless dash towards the East Gate. Wind along with rain rushed to welcomed him as he saw his destination, standing tall and mighty.

  With one hand on the handle, Joey reached inside his jacket.

  Boasting 16 metres tall, the East Gate was, in fact, taken, though the gaurd there wasn't strong enough, a mere 20~30 men patroling. Two blockades were laid across the 12-lane avenue stretching out of the city.

  Clearly the patrols had learnt of Joey's arrival, for ten shadows were already waiting under the gate with weapons in their hands.

  Still they were no match for Joey's firepower. Producing a single-shot pistol out of his jacket, Joey aimed at the gate while shortening the distance at top speed, the wind whipping past.

  "HALT! HALT or we'll open fire!" One of the shadows declared.

  "Take this first." Joey muttered.

  Two hundred feet before ambush and less than a second before the captain of the patrol could say FIRE Joey released his single shot and blew the post up into the sky. He let go of the pistol as the counterforce hit and held on to the bike, swerving past burnt corpses and slipping through the gap he had blown out of the blockades.

  It wasn't until they were a mile out of Sun City that Michell gasped from the back seat: "Wow."

(To be continued)